Tate & Lyle Sugars

Tate & Lyle Sugars offers an extended array of innovative and functional ingredients which provide different characteristics for your products such as sweetness, texture, flavour and mouth feel.


Our product range includes a variety of food ingredients from speciality liquid sugars, inverts, and high intensity sweeteners, to malt and rice products.

In addition to our products, we are able to offer technical support and expertise in product application.

Co-crystallised Products

Our range of co-crystallised products, like Qwik-Flo® Honey Granules and Powder, are instantly soluble and their free flowing characteristics increase handling efficiencies.

Low moisture content results in excellent shelf-stable products which do not support microbiological growth.

Easy to blend and non-hygroscopic, applications include bakery mixes, cereals, seasoning blends, dried soups, and beverages. These products are not of genetically modified origin and do not include any genetically engineered additives or ingredients.

For detailed information on our products and ingredients, and the solutions that we offer, please contact us.

You can also learn more about our speciality ingredients at www.sugarandsyrup.com